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October 13, 2021

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This morning, INFORM learned about a postcard mailed from Spokane, WA to a community member, which supported Incumbent Board candidates Francour, Hollander, Kahn and Schultz.

On social media, Support MTSD (the coalition supporting the incumbent School Board members) and the Incumbents were told to “stop the pretense,” and were accused of “gaslighting” and “running a highly political campaign supported by the Democratic Party, outside interests, and far left groups.”

INFORM asked each of the four Incumbents about the allegation:

“You all are running a highly political campaign supported by the Democratic Party, outside interests, and far left groups.”

All four Incumbents said the allegations were false.

Additional comments below include:

  • “I am not going out and soliciting anything. I am here to serve the community with no affiliation to any politically aligned groups. We are a non-partisan school board.”

  • “We represent all stakeholders, and our support comes from stakeholders across the community. I am not personally backed by any particular group.”

  • “I am not supported by, nor have I asked for it from, anyone or any group anywhere at any time…ever.

  • “I absolutely 10,000% am NOT. I am not supported by any special interest inside or outside Wisconsin.”

Support MTSD

Incumbent Board members are NOT personally backed by any group. However, collectively, they are backed by Support MTSD, who was also named in the allegation. We spoke to Support MTSD.

Support MTSD confirmed they are NOT supported by the Democratic Party, outside interests or far left groups. However, they did allow a non-partisan group to help with postcards.

The postcard group is called Grassroots North Shore, a Wisconsin PAC, with committee members from Mequon. Support MTSD’s contact was a steering committee member and Mequon resident. The Mequon resident asked Support MTSD if GNS could write letters on behalf of the Incumbents with nothing expected in return. Support MTSD said yes, and bought postcards and stamps, and coordinated scripting for GNS’ postcard writers. Based on postcards received here, clearly many writers are outside of Wisconsin.

INFORM called GNS to learn more about the group, including to understand its local presence and having out of town members. At the time of this writing, INFORM had not heard back. Nothing scandalous here, more likely just timing, so we’ll update this when we hear back.

Ozaukee Democrats

Late afternoon, INFORM received a letter written by Deb Dassow, Chair of the Democratic Party stating they are not supporting the Coalition or any of the candidates, although they asked Support MTSD if they could support them. But Support MTSD wanted to “remain non-partisan.”

According to the Democratic Party Chair for Ozaukee, “The Coalition to Support the Mequon-Thiensville School District (the Good Guys) has explicitly told us they want to “remain non-partisan” with no formal help from us, or any political party.”

The letter follows.

Oz Dems NO Support-IN
Download PDF • 141KB

Note: INFORM made spelling corrections in third party statement presented here.

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