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There's been some confusion about dates and a lot of questions from the community. Make sure to FOLLOW us on Facebook for the latest information.


  • OCTOBER 5. Deadline for declaration of candidacy

  • OCTOBER 19-29. Voting at City Hall

  • NOVEMBER 2. General Election or Primary

  • NOVEMBER 30. General if there is a Primary

Need an ID > Yes

Polling Locations > TBA (check City and Village)

Absentee Mailings > TBA (candidates not set)

Q: How many recall elections will there be?

Four. Board members Wendy Francour, Akram Khan, Erik Hollander and Chris Schultz will be subject to recall elections November 2.

Q: Why is there a recall?

The group who initiated the recall report: Over the past year, the MTSD School Board has routinely abandoned their voting responsibilities to MTSD Superintendent Matt Joynt. Not only is this legally questionable, but it sends a clear message that the School Board is no longer advocating for the students of our district. New leadership is necessary in order to restore true and transparent representation of our students and our community.

Those who oppose the recall report: The MTSD utilizes a policy governance model to provide the oversight that enables our public education system to successfully achieve the objectives and goals set out in our strategic plan. Utilizing this model, MTSD has become, and continues to be, one of the best districts in the state. In no way has the board abdicated their individual duties or rights as elected Board members by governing through policy, as was stated on the recall petitions.

Q: Why were only 4 of the 7 Board members recalled? Three Board members were just elected and not eligible for recall.

Q: Will the winners of the special election start new 3-year terms?

No. The elections will cover the rest of each board member's term. The people elected to the seats currently held by Chris Schultz and Akram Khan will hold them until April 2022. Whoever is elected to the seats currently held by Wendy Francour and Erik Hollander will hold them until April 2023.

Q: Who will be on the ballot?

Wendy Francour vs. TBD

Erik Hollander vs. TBD

Akram Khan vs. TBD

Chris Schultz vs. TBD

Per recall organizer:

Schroeder said four candidates have been chosen to run against the incumbents but declined to reveal their names. She said the candidates would be revealed by October 5th.

Q: Who Pays for the Election? The Mequon-Thiensville School District pays. Estimated costs are $15,000.

Q: Who Runs the Election? The City and Village.

Q: Who Picks the Polling Locations?

The Mequon-Thiensville School District, within given parameters.

Q: Who releases results?

The Mequon-Thiensville School District.

Q: Will there be a primary? Only if there are 3 or more candidates in any one of the four elections?

Q: How do I find out more?


Voting Mequon

Voting Thiensville

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