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MTSD Talented, Advanced & Gifted Program (TAG)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Inform wants to clarify a rumor that MTSD's TAG program, referred to as "Gifted and Talented", is NOT going away.

The District has two TAG Coordinators: one for K-5 and one for 6-12.

We understand the current K-12 TAG coordinator will be leaving the District but will remain in place until a replacement is found and trained. There is also a commitment for the current coordinator to stay through the end of the current trimester.

Because this is about employment, Inform did not ask why the current coordinator is leaving or what she will be doing next. Our only goal was to validate the state of the TAG program.

We further understand nationally, there is talk about "gifted and talented" programs phasing out of some school districts. This is not the case at MTSD.

"We are dedicated to developing the gifts of all students. To that end, programming and opportunities are provided to ensure that all students can grow and maximize their potential."

Further, we connected with Nicole Brown, the Elementary TAG Coordinator and she provided us with this statement:

"The Mequon-Thiensville School District is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our district students. The statement “Every Student. Every Time. Empowered to Succeed.” is a guiding philosophy in the district.

The MTSD administration strongly supports meeting the needs of students who are identified as talented, advanced, and gifted learners. The district is committed to maintaining staffing to provide the coordination and support necessary to ensure that students with advanced learning abilities receive the educational opportunities that will help them to grow."

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