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Is the Teacher's Union Influencing Curriculum?


Inform continues to hear rumors about the influence in MTSD from the teacher's union (WEAC, the Wisconsin Education Association Council). In truth, WEAC has NO INFLUENCE on MTSD.

Below are some quick facts about MTSD and WEAC:

  • Per Wisconsin ACT 10, WEAC only has the ability to negotiate compensation raises up to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

  • There are no meetings between MTSD Administration and WEAC other than the annual CPI increase.

  • There are no union dues for members.

  • Re-certification of the union comes up once every year. Each year, the union in certified despite their near total lack of power.

Effectively, there is no union.

This has been the situation for 10 years since the passage of the statute in 2011.

More Information

ACT 10


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