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Former School Board presidents: Recall would jeopardize district success

To the editor:

It has been our privilege to serve the community as presidents of the MTSD Board of Education. As residents of Mequon-Thiensville with this unique perspective, we feel compelled to address the effort to recall four School Board members.

While we have not always agreed on how to solve issues facing our school district, it is the politicization and distortion of facts by those behind the recall effort that unites us in our belief that this recall is NOT in the best interests of the students, parents, or taxpayers of Mequon-Thiensville. It is a threat to the success MTSD has enjoyed since its inception in 1972.

Above all, we are deeply concerned about the destabilizing impact a change of this magnitude will have on the board’s ability to carry out its duties for the betterment of ALL children in the district. It has been our experience that issues are best addressed in a thoughtful and open-minded manner by board members who make decisions without a predetermined agenda or partisan plan.

Wendy Francour, Chris Schultz, Akram Khan, and Erik Hollander are board members who serve with honesty and integrity. Their governance is grounded in the principles we have shared throughout the years. If the voters wish to change members of the board when their terms expire, that process should proceed at regular spring elections when all residents are focused on real issues — not manufactured ones.

We urge the community to get the facts before voting and consider the consequences of an unwarranted, abrupt change to our well-functioning board. Such an unprecedented change would jeopardize the incredible success of our district — the very reason so many seek to reside in our community.

Voting for the incumbents is in the best interest of our children and our community. MTSD Board of Education past presidents

David Hase (1973-1994) Mequon

Peter Stone (1994-2009) Mequon

Suzette Urbashich (1997-2014) Mequon

Stephanie Clark (2012-2017) Mequon

Kathryn Houpt (2013-2019) Mequon

Krista Brookman (2017-2020) Mequon

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