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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Misinformation About The Board's Role in Selecting Books

The recall group is using a complaint about a book read at Homestead High School in English in marketing materials to replace 4 school board members.


(1) The Board does not approve books. As a governance board, the Board manages MTSD through policy. A governance board does not micromanage by approving books; not only is this not practical, a Board does not have the expertise required to choose adequate books to study.

(2) Books are not "approved curriculum" as the material states, they are a tool in curriculum.

(3) MTSD is following Board policy. Policy 2210 directs MTSD how to handle "Controversial Issues/Topics." the District directs the Superintendent to implement procedures to evaluate materials challenged by parents.

(4) 2 of the 4 Board members under recall were not on the Board the first time the book was read.

The recall group’s connection between the book and decision-making is false and misleading.


According to a Homestead High School English teacher:

  • The book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, published in 2007, has been read by Homestead students in English for the past 6 years.

  • In 6 years, there have been 3 parent concerns: 1 last year and 2 this year; and only 1 of the 3 parents chose alternate material; the other two permitted their child to read it.

  • Each time the book is read, parents are notified and given the option for their child to have an alternate reading. MTSD values parent opinion; the kids don’t have to read it.

  • The kids love the book. It is on-level English difficulty, but an easy read with sophisticated themes. It engages reluctant readers, which is great because there is a direct correlation between ACT scores and minutes of reading each day.

It is important to note this book as a history of controversy in schools.

MTSD is forming a Challenged Materials Review Committee consisting of 3 parents and approximately 7 administrators and staff, committing to 3 hours of time each.

Board Policy 2210 -

Download PDF • 140KB

Letter to Parents about Book Challenge

Download PDF • 123KB

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