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Anonymous Flyer Targeting Kahn

Unnamed Group Attempts to Discredit Board Member Akram Kahn on an 8 year-old Story. See the flyer below which was put in community paper boxes.

Mr. Kahn commented:

  • Their 18-month old son was diagnosed with Leukemia.

  • Mrs. Kahn lost her job and they lost health insurance.

  • They applied for Badger Care, were accepted, used it as it was designed and exited the program when Mrs. Kahn found work.

  • The SNAP program was a come-along, and not used much.

  • After a thorough investigation, nothing came any of it.

Important Notes

The flyer references actual news stories published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2013. According to Kahn, he never commented for the stories.

When the stories were brought back up during the election, Kahn was never asked about them before the flyer was put into paper boxes.

A source inside the recall group stated they did not distribute the flyer.

As always, we encourage our community to collect the facts before moving to judgement, which means you can look to Inform for our research into the facts and real story.

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