School District

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WI DPI Report Card

Book Banning

Academic Recovery Plan

Local Politics

Who's Up for Re-Election?

School Board

Akram Kahn, Chris Schultz

City Alderman/Mayor

Mayor John Wirth

Robert Strzelczyk (District 1)

Jeffrey Hansher (District 4)

Village Trustees

Kristina Eckert
David A. Lange


Looking for Volunteer work with some great people? Try these:

#8 Best Place to Retire

Safety on Mequon Road and Bike Trail


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InformMT goals as established on launching our Facebook page on February 15, 2011.


  1. INFORM the community

  2. ENGAGE its citizens

  3. ADVOCATE for the schools and community

  4. BUILD relationships with:

  • Civic Leaders

  • MTSD School Board Members

  • MTSD Administration, Teachers & Staff

  • Parents and Students

  • Businesses

  • Other groups with similar goals